Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sooo these past few days have been goooood, n I literalllly mean good. Haha. But anyways, todayy I finally got to go out with Chan and megan them since its been forever! Lolll but yep, maricelll picked me up at transit and we picked up everybody else. Then we headed
to warrd n just talkkd story. Meggan them ate at chowder house while joey came with me to lnl to get me my loco moco. Lolll we caught up on sooooo much shit. But yea, after that caught ride with jo and I got dropped off to fooodland I cruise with noli them. Cruuuisdd at palu park while waiting for noli to finish his dance rehearsal thingy majigerrr. Thirtyyy minutes my ass noli! Haha. But now I'm home. Wee, today was verrry goood. ;)

Friday, December 26, 2008


AGAIN. just like last night -__- how gayy! well i have electricity. lol. Well, NOT EXACTLY, but i doo have a generator for my computers & the phone. That's a pluss though! Laptops, itouch's, & ds's come in handy during blackouts =) But yepp. It's so boringggggggg. I borrowed 27 dressess for nothing! The electiricty better come back on, frreal. HMP. Kbyee =)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas you guys! This post is probably gona take me a while since I'm using my itouch, but anyways, I started my Christmas day early with midnight mass. Caught up with cassie and I got to see a shit load of people that I haven't seeen in forever, especialllly asdfhjkl* =) hahah. But anyways, after mass I dropped off geraldine and cassie's gifts. Got hommme n opened presents n I didddn't go to sleeep till fourish cos I was up txxting somebody - n noooo I ain't tellling you who, hahaha so don't bother asking. Then at tenish headed down to my dad's side of the family in wahiawa for lunch. N now I'm bored outta my mind cos there ain't nothin to do. Somebodddy txt mee! .. Or even better calll me! I wannnna go out tonight! Haw.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy holidays!

i seriously have been slaccckin' on this! haha. but anyways, it's christmas eve tomorrow (= and i'm excited. Well sort of! Yesterday was winterball and despite all the fucked up shit that happend that dayy, it turned out okish! haha. First off, rocky didn't have a tie, and it was MANDATORY for him to have a tie to get in! So basically.. me and lana, waited till rozner & rocky had a tie. N luckily, rozner jacked a tie for rocky. Then after, people were sitting on our table, n we basically had to stand up in the beginning cos we had nowhere to sit. >__< OMGAH. They even drank our water n stuff tooo! Lol. N after, lanaa had her 'monthly', n the machine basically ate my 25cents when i tried to get a tampon. Shit wtff! Haaha. But yea, they even played some shitty asss songs! Cmon, how the hell do you dance to 'hot n cold'? O_O SOMEONE LMK! AND!! They didn't even play ONE slow song. What's winterball without any slow dancing.... Geez. But yep! Whatever.

Today was good thouch =) I woke up at 3 and noli called to ask how winterball went! I <3 how he does the extra mile and calls me, instead of just asking me on myspace, ynoo what i mean? But yeaa, i watched Home Alone, all day longg, & went out with jeremy, zach, nolay, justin, and zach's fambamm. Zach's dad is sooo coool! Haha, he acts so young, like usss, & he treated us foood too :p Lol. He even asked me if i wanted him to hoook me up with his son. HAHAH. UH no thanks uncle. hahahaha. But yep! Christmas Eve tomorrrow =)

Friday, December 19, 2008


NO SCHOOOL (= haha. I been to damn busy this whole week to update this! But anyways, thanks for the lemon* hahaha. (x But anyways! Today was the last day, n i'm finally freeee of my irritating teachers! Haha. A busy weekend coming up! Marc's graduation is tomorrow, n after that i'm gonnnna chill with my cousins, then go oliver's house!! ;] haha.. FINALLLY!! haha, but lana n earlyn's gonna come tooo! n hopefully connie. lol. Then sundayy, rose wants me to goo with her to get her nail's done at her auntie's house, by bart's house, soooo i'm gonna go, since she's gonna do my nails for free =) haha. N mondayyy!! WINTERBALLL. hahah. I'm sooo excited! Kkk, i'm outtaa here. <3

I KNOW IT's KINNAA EARLY! but idgafffff.

New years resolution
- not be such a bitch to my irritating teachers.
- try harderER in school.
- goo to church every sundayy.
- ANSWER MY PHONE when people call. hahahah
- listen to my parents... haha.
to be continued...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

& so the lion fell in <3 with the lamb.

I <3 TWILIGHT! Ok ok, so i know i say i'm single n content, & all that other shit, but HEY! if your anything like Edward Cullens, then HOLLLLLA (: haha. Boys better start taking notes! - cos he KNOWS how to treat a girl right.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

busy body.

Because of all this rain, i never went to schoool on thursday, soo i just stayed at grandma's house since my ewa beach house didn't have electricity! Loll. But yep, school yesterday was alright. I hate how there's so much shit i gotta turn in this week. Lol, Mr. Furikawa or whatever the hell his name is, went apeshit on us yesterday! He neeedsta chill! lol. And Mr. Chang, was being a fucking bitch, cos he didn't wanna gimme the review test questions just because i never came class the other day >;] It ain't my fault it didn't wanna stop raining! Asshole! But whatevers... Afterschool, lana n i went dress shopping! hahaha. Who woulda thought ross had pretty cute dressess, yeah lana?! LMAO. N while we were at the bustop, this homelesss guy crashed right into a pole with his bike >____< SO SCARY! hahaha. But yepp, i went to go watch brooke's cantata thing, n caught up with jessica ladera n laverrrnne, n all my elementaryy friends =) i miss them! hahaha. but yep, i headed home after, but stayed in traffic for fucking like, 2 hours?! Somebody get me a jet pack or a flying pony this christmas! >:) I HATE STAYING IN TRAFFIC!

But anyways, i got a shitload of stuff to dooooo.
- Mitosis Project.
- 2 History Assignments
- my AP applications signed.
- Geometry HW
- study for history test on monday
- study for geometry finals on tuesday
- study for biology test on monday

Thursday, December 11, 2008

first things first.

i have nooo time nowadays to make new posts everyday! =) but i'm tryinggg! lol. i feel like i'm in winterbreak mode alreadyyy, n i'm getting lazzzy every single day now! loll. gotta stay focused, just 1 more weeek left :p haha. but anyways, i finished twilight in 2 days! i wanna watch the movie noww... but i have no one to watch it! ANY TAKERS? :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

happpy birthday bstfrndd.

today was a good day! =) haha. First off, happpy birthday bestfriiend! - GERALDINE GAMBALAN! lol. I waited for g to come pick me upp, n we headed to anna millers with CBANG (finallly reunited ;D haha) & chas, n caelynn. Ooooh! I loved my omelette. Noli was JEALOOOOUS c(= hahah. Oh!! N caelyn's waffle was so yummy ^__^. haha. Ah, it felt gooood to cruise w/them! I misssed them so muchhh. But yepp, after that, every one went different places, n mommm came to pick me n brooke up. Headed to sams club then homme, n finally grandma's house, cos it's her birthday tooo! Lol. Stayyed there n whatnot. Then headed to longgs, where i seen the cute guy c(; haha. JK. or not? lolll. But yepp, now i'm home! I gotta go do my geometryy homework! Crap. But lastnight was oookish too. Talkd to vincent, but like ALWAYS, i had to get off the phone with him cos then mark s called n he needed someone to vent to. Omg, i feeel so bad, cos vincent always tries to call n shit, n i never have time to talk to him! But one day, i'll make up for all those times, fffreal! Lol. Kk, i gotta get off, cos bryant's kicking me outta his room >;] sooo bye!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

friday nigghts.

TGIF! (: i'm soooo tired of waking up early every singggle day. ); ERRR. But anyways, My group finally presented for photography, and for 4th i continued reading twilight, & i'm probably gonna finish it by tonight. Ate lunccch with lana n randy + the guys, and basically randy told me all the answers for the biology test that i failed! haha. luckily, i was able to crammm all that shit into my head >__< Did current events for history, and talked to vivvian. S'weirdd, jordenngherl just txtd me? But kay anywayys! I caught bus to cassie's to help her with her honors science project! lol. It turned out cute =) .. well to me! haha. Then after, we went to OLPH for her rehearsal practice thhinggy, and basically chilled with ryan, n brownrice, n sherwin, n jezz them. hahaha. N after, we headed to "THE SPOT" hahaha. Pllayed a game n which jezz kept loosing all the time. hahaha, so he basically had to do most of the dares. "helaplane" RIGHT JEZZ? Thenn after, jumarrr dropped cassie home, n then meeee. Loll. We had smalltalk, but that's a secret. hahahaha. Can't wait till tomorrrow! BBQ n everything cos, PACQUIAO vs. Delahoyaaa. On the otherhand, christmas is coming up, =) ahhhhhh, i love the smell of christmas trees, ^____^

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Currently busy! - on my griiiiiind.
Currently reading; TWILIGHT =) haha.

Today was goood. Especially reconciliation w/geeee :p It's good to know your forgiven. But anyways, I AM SO STRESSSSSSED. I've got practically all A's on my progress report, but i know all of that can change in these 2 weeks left. It's 10:13, n i printed out 100+ papers for my english project rough draft, n finalll! Come to find out, I had no idea that "laserjet" printers, only printed in black and white. WHAT THE FUCK!?! n my dad expected me to know that!? OMGOSH. Ugh. Owells. IMPROVISEEEEEE i guess. Shit. Sigh*, i am soooo close. I can do this! But ciao for now! This hard work's gonna pay off later. PCE <3


call from the past.

haaaaaay =) lol. I'll re cap on yesterdayy real quick! Lol. So yesterday was my first day of volunteeering, n i basically just answered calls and spoke on the intercom all day long, and talk to a shitload of people. Haha. I lovee it! It's so fun. haha. Ummm, yeh. Today was alright. I finally got all my signatures, 'cept biology. I ate lunch with esssthurr, n lana. We were supposed to go MS1, but ms. wasn't theree. Ergh. on 1 conferences tomorrow >;] But whatevvvvver. BTW! I got a call from the past today. YOUR ONLY CALLLLING ME COS YOU SEEEN ME RECENTLY. ok! you passed me up, so what fucking ever :] haha. n you just txxtd me, hahha, stupid. I KNOWW YOU TELL ME, THE SAME SHIT YOU TELL HER. FYI!!! haha. silllllly boys. haha. BYEE

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


weeee. it's december already :) & 24 more days left till christmas! haha. whooop dee doo. didn't go to 2nd or 4th period todayy, since me jess n aly had to be ushers for the concert. It came out pretty good, even though we didn't practice as much =) lol. OMG!!! i just remembered. I saw his HOT GUY!!!!!! maybe i think he's hot just cos he looks like AHEM* >;] hmp. I'm so stupid! Cos nothinnnnnn beats the real thing -__-. " God knows i'd do anything for a party two." ...Um. Ate lunch with laanaaa n jen, and for 6th i did work the wholle time. Haha. Afterschoool, i caught bus home n seen MOMO! haha. He literally told me like, EVERYTHING, especiallly a whole buncha interesting shit i didn't even know bout :p hahaha. But anyways, we were talking the whole busride, till we had to get off, to go on different buses. I went to confirmation todayyy, & now i just finished up my biology discussion questions, and nowww i'm watching THEHILLS. haha, k byeee (=