Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sooo these past few days have been goooood, n I literalllly mean good. Haha. But anyways, todayy I finally got to go out with Chan and megan them since its been forever! Lolll but yep, maricelll picked me up at transit and we picked up everybody else. Then we headed
to warrd n just talkkd story. Meggan them ate at chowder house while joey came with me to lnl to get me my loco moco. Lolll we caught up on sooooo much shit. But yea, after that caught ride with jo and I got dropped off to fooodland I cruise with noli them. Cruuuisdd at palu park while waiting for noli to finish his dance rehearsal thingy majigerrr. Thirtyyy minutes my ass noli! Haha. But now I'm home. Wee, today was verrry goood. ;)


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