Friday, December 19, 2008


NO SCHOOOL (= haha. I been to damn busy this whole week to update this! But anyways, thanks for the lemon* hahaha. (x But anyways! Today was the last day, n i'm finally freeee of my irritating teachers! Haha. A busy weekend coming up! Marc's graduation is tomorrow, n after that i'm gonnnna chill with my cousins, then go oliver's house!! ;] haha.. FINALLLY!! haha, but lana n earlyn's gonna come tooo! n hopefully connie. lol. Then sundayy, rose wants me to goo with her to get her nail's done at her auntie's house, by bart's house, soooo i'm gonna go, since she's gonna do my nails for free =) haha. N mondayyy!! WINTERBALLL. hahah. I'm sooo excited! Kkk, i'm outtaa here. <3

I KNOW IT's KINNAA EARLY! but idgafffff.

New years resolution
- not be such a bitch to my irritating teachers.
- try harderER in school.
- goo to church every sundayy.
- ANSWER MY PHONE when people call. hahahah
- listen to my parents... haha.
to be continued...


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