Sunday, December 7, 2008

happpy birthday bstfrndd.

today was a good day! =) haha. First off, happpy birthday bestfriiend! - GERALDINE GAMBALAN! lol. I waited for g to come pick me upp, n we headed to anna millers with CBANG (finallly reunited ;D haha) & chas, n caelynn. Ooooh! I loved my omelette. Noli was JEALOOOOUS c(= hahah. Oh!! N caelyn's waffle was so yummy ^__^. haha. Ah, it felt gooood to cruise w/them! I misssed them so muchhh. But yepp, after that, every one went different places, n mommm came to pick me n brooke up. Headed to sams club then homme, n finally grandma's house, cos it's her birthday tooo! Lol. Stayyed there n whatnot. Then headed to longgs, where i seen the cute guy c(; haha. JK. or not? lolll. But yepp, now i'm home! I gotta go do my geometryy homework! Crap. But lastnight was oookish too. Talkd to vincent, but like ALWAYS, i had to get off the phone with him cos then mark s called n he needed someone to vent to. Omg, i feeel so bad, cos vincent always tries to call n shit, n i never have time to talk to him! But one day, i'll make up for all those times, fffreal! Lol. Kk, i gotta get off, cos bryant's kicking me outta his room >;] sooo bye!


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