Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry christmas you guys! This post is probably gona take me a while since I'm using my itouch, but anyways, I started my Christmas day early with midnight mass. Caught up with cassie and I got to see a shit load of people that I haven't seeen in forever, especialllly asdfhjkl* =) hahah. But anyways, after mass I dropped off geraldine and cassie's gifts. Got hommme n opened presents n I didddn't go to sleeep till fourish cos I was up txxting somebody - n noooo I ain't tellling you who, hahaha so don't bother asking. Then at tenish headed down to my dad's side of the family in wahiawa for lunch. N now I'm bored outta my mind cos there ain't nothin to do. Somebodddy txt mee! .. Or even better calll me! I wannnna go out tonight! Haw.


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