Thursday, January 22, 2009


40 Degreeees today ;), it's cold, but i LOVE it. haha. Subbb for photography today! :) Didn't do much but listenn to my itouch n tweeeak on marble mash the whole time, level 131. Aha. 4th period, the armyy reserve people came, n talked to us for the whole period, n we ended up not taking our tests. haha. Bought lunch, n headed to classs w/connie & earlyn! Thanks for the ferrero rocher's ;] YUM. 6th period, talked bout all the free gifts that the macy's was giving out :DDD mascara n everything haha. Afterschool, headed to my orthodtonist appt. & got my wires changed. 'Gottaa start wearing rubberbands, n they don't taste good >__< HA! but yep, gotta get back to work! Biology test tomorrow :) 'nite


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