Friday, March 20, 2009


Been slackin' on updating this shit.

Hm? Tryna think wth happend recently! .. OH! Lucky charms! :) Definitely a night to remember that's for sure, practically a reunion if you ask me, n a hellla fun one. Superfriends is tonight tooo, but naw i'll passs. Needa slow the fuck down on that shit. Besides, cass has been gettin' on my ass bout it. So yep.. taking a break! haha. Uhh whatelse... oh! today was the last day of 3rd quarter (THANKGOD) no more irritating teachers for 2wks! Hm. Still thinking of wth i'm gonna do this break, definitely catch up on lost time with people who's always busy nowdayys; yesss you know who you are. :p

So far, 09's turning out to be a pretty damn good year. Good times with good people. I seriously can't ask for more. Let's hope this doesn't end anytime soon. Pcee<3

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad habits.

Sayonaraa bad habits. :]
My procrastinating is long gone, finallly! But with it gone, i have so much time on my hands with nothin to do. Lammmme.

Anyways, school was good today.
Photography - Worked on my sketchbook project & turned in my photos for the Canon contest. Oooh, Canon Rebel's up for grabs! =)
English - We don't ever do shit in this class. Basically just talked on the phone for a whille, n slept for the rest of the period.
Lunch - Pizzza for lunch! :D yummmy.
History - Aced my test, whoooopdeedoo! Ooh, n took an opihi quiz & got me some extra credit points. Yayyyyy. Listened to viv's interesting drama. Hahaa, fucken girlll.
Afterschool - Headed to my orthodontist appt! I can finally wear colored rubberbands, ^___^ n my teeth shifted faster than they thought, sooo i just might be able to get these grillz off early. crossessfingers* =)

Blahhhhhh. I'm still sick ); Mom cooked up some chicken noodle soup tho, so i'm gonna go eat. Ciaoooooooo bichez.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Catch me if ya cann

Life = fucken GOOD.
Livinn life in the fast lane & there ain't time for any stop signs.
Catch me if ya cannn.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A year later.

Watched movies lastnite =)
Seriously... 365 days later & it's still us 4.