Tuesday, December 2, 2008


weeee. it's december already :) & 24 more days left till christmas! haha. whooop dee doo. didn't go to 2nd or 4th period todayy, since me jess n aly had to be ushers for the concert. It came out pretty good, even though we didn't practice as much =) lol. OMG!!! i just remembered. I saw his HOT GUY!!!!!! maybe i think he's hot just cos he looks like AHEM* >;] hmp. I'm so stupid! Cos nothinnnnnn beats the real thing -__-. " God knows i'd do anything for a party two." ...Um. Ate lunch with laanaaa n jen, and for 6th i did work the wholle time. Haha. Afterschoool, i caught bus home n seen MOMO! haha. He literally told me like, EVERYTHING, especiallly a whole buncha interesting shit i didn't even know bout :p hahaha. But anyways, we were talking the whole busride, till we had to get off, to go on different buses. I went to confirmation todayyy, & now i just finished up my biology discussion questions, and nowww i'm watching THEHILLS. haha, k byeee (=


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