Saturday, December 13, 2008

busy body.

Because of all this rain, i never went to schoool on thursday, soo i just stayed at grandma's house since my ewa beach house didn't have electricity! Loll. But yep, school yesterday was alright. I hate how there's so much shit i gotta turn in this week. Lol, Mr. Furikawa or whatever the hell his name is, went apeshit on us yesterday! He neeedsta chill! lol. And Mr. Chang, was being a fucking bitch, cos he didn't wanna gimme the review test questions just because i never came class the other day >;] It ain't my fault it didn't wanna stop raining! Asshole! But whatevers... Afterschool, lana n i went dress shopping! hahaha. Who woulda thought ross had pretty cute dressess, yeah lana?! LMAO. N while we were at the bustop, this homelesss guy crashed right into a pole with his bike >____< SO SCARY! hahaha. But yepp, i went to go watch brooke's cantata thing, n caught up with jessica ladera n laverrrnne, n all my elementaryy friends =) i miss them! hahaha. but yep, i headed home after, but stayed in traffic for fucking like, 2 hours?! Somebody get me a jet pack or a flying pony this christmas! >:) I HATE STAYING IN TRAFFIC!

But anyways, i got a shitload of stuff to dooooo.
- Mitosis Project.
- 2 History Assignments
- my AP applications signed.
- Geometry HW
- study for history test on monday
- study for geometry finals on tuesday
- study for biology test on monday


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