Sunday, November 30, 2008

you know thisssss.

yes, i know i'm all family oriented nowdays,
but bitch, you know i'm stilll down ;DDDDDD

blood is thicker than water.

ergh. so i'm on this, cos mypsace is soooo stupid, i can't even see my commments. anyways! today was yet, another, productive day of shopping =) but this time, with mi madre & brooke! loll. i swear, it's always "bonding" time with themm. but anywayyys, she bought me my l.v. bag i wanted, hahah, n a shitload of other stuff. hawww, my dad's telling me i gotta wrap my itouch, when i alreadyy put songs n shit on it!! >:] hahah, frick. weeeeeee, the weather's good. :] shoppping tomorrow again, ^___^ hahaha. christmas is gonna be goooood this year ;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

black friday.

I am finallly homme from shoppping =) I couldn't be more satisfied! I've bouggght all i wanted to buy (well most of it) & i got to seeee everybody i wanted to see. WINK* :] haha.. but anyways! Today was goood! Dadddy woke me up at 5 & we headed to Kmart go buy 4GB memory cards for 7bucks, but the line was too long. Sooo we bought 4, 4GB memory card's at sears instead for $30! Howw cheap. N afterwards i finallly went out w/the girllls, even though it was just jess n chan n megan. Loll. We were at in4mation, & we stayed in line for SO LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. omg. >;] SO CRAZY. But heyy! $50 for 7shirts n a hoodie = WORTH IT. ahaha. & then, dustin, rocky, jess, brooke, n i, headed to alas for s'more shopping =]. Then daddy camme, n he bought me a itouch, when i originally wanted the chromatic, but hellll, i'm gooood with that! :] LIFE'S GOOD. (=

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgivingg =D

I think i litterally sent a 'happpy thanksgiving' txt, to everyyone on my contact list. Haha. But anyways, HAPPY THANKSGIVINGGG ^__^ i'm up earlly today, that's a first. Everyyone's coming over later on todayy, i'm so excit ed. I misss my cousins! Even though i see them like everyday. Aha. Reuunion? :] Kk! I'll update this laterr, but for nowww i'll just recap on what happend yesterday.

Sooo school was ok. It was juville's last day! ); She's transferrring to campbell now, n she's gonna be wit her boyyfriend jaren! Hahaa. Shit, i'm so jealous of her >;] But noww i have no one to call when idk wtf i'm doing for biology. Suuuugay. But other than that, it was the usual stuff. Afterschool, i got to myy grandma's house n my daddy picked me n brooke up. Then we headed to pearls, n i went to goo look for dressess for winterball &&& i seeen char! :DDD, i miss her. But yepp, headed to go pick up pumpkin pie n whatnot. Whenn we got homme, mom n i went grocery shopping .. again. Stocked up on a shitload of food. OMG. But yeh, on our way home, this car came outtaaa nowhere, n litterrally crashed into the car infront of us. =O saljfl ! & to think, that couldaaa been me n my mom. I am soooo damn thankful, that's forsure. I thought it was just the car infront of us that got fuckkd up, but nexxt thing you know, it's like.. 5 cars that got totalled. Errr, this gives me chicken skinn writing thiss! But yea, we stayed there, cos nobody kneww what the hell we're supposed to do. Umm, after that cleared up, we went to longgs for kalbi sauce cos everywhere ran outt. Then talkkked to roxx, n daanya's tryna hooook me up with that one longs guy.. i forgot his name though, but whatever. hahahaha. ;p Nn, i headed hommme, n cleaned the house alll night >:DDD haha.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

forget you - lax

FORGETTING YOU - i'm definitely incapable of doing that. sure, i can forget all the little minor details n shit, but when it comes down to it - your always gona be there;in the back of my head, or your name will pop up somewhere, I dont know? But what i do know, is that you'll never read this, n you'll never know what the fuckk you meant to me. YEH i tried ok? I tried forggeting. I tried to forget YOU, n all the shit that happend. But nothing's ever working for mee. I guess it's because it's easier building bridges, than breaking them.

On the otherhand, school was alright. I totallly forgot that my photography collage was due but i managed to glue everything on in this first half hour, n it came out pretty good =D 4th was boring. I still needa start my poetry album which i've been procrastinating on for soo long. Then after, i ate lunch with lana & esssther & talked to randy them. History was okk, and i'm doing pretty good in that class, i must sayy =] hahaha. Btwww, seriously!? What the fuck's up with the traffic in ewa beach. FACT: Honolulu, Hawaii is ranked 1st for having the worst traffic in the United STates. >;] Cmonnn', chop chop with the monorail PEOPLE!!!!!! >;D i hate staying in traffic.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

in jesus's name i pray.

Just a couple more days till thanksgiving! It can't get better than thiss.... - WRONG! My biology finals is tomorrow. I completely forgot whether it was the animal cell or plant cell we're gonna be tested on. I've got the whole plant cell down though! Haw, i'm gonna prayy i fucking do good on this test, my grades counting on it! Shit. But if i come to find out it's not on the plant cell, i'm fucking SCREWED.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

itsy BITSY spider.

`Ola bloggggspot. Today was a chillly day! =) haha, n i had chili for lunch too. Lolll, what a corelllation. But yepp! i'm freeezing my butt off. Haha, but i love thee weather oh so much! :] This morning i had to wake up early to go to my orientation. Haww, i wish i had nicky during my shift. But it was practically a 3 hour orientation on all the procdeures in the hospital, and what our objectives are and stuff. I can't wait to staaart! Haha. On the plus side, the uniform's cute too. 8) Hahahah. After my orientation, i headed homme, n went grocery shopping with mommy, bryant n brooke at sams club. I was literrally hogging the rockband2!!! :DDDD haha. SORRY LITTLE KIDS >;] .. but you guys suck! hahahahah. JK. Then after, we went to waikellle for a lil shopping n mommmy bought us all shoes, n i got this cute coral top which i gotta figure out how the hell your supposed to put it on. >__^ i ♥ you mommmyyyy! aha. Ummm, n my dad's so irking, this whole day he's calling me BITCHY nsteada' BRANDY, and he's so filipinooo it sounds like he's saying BITSY insteadaa BITCHY. hhaha, cos he got meee this 'NOW ENTERING ... BITCH BOULEVARD' sign thingymajigger, that im gonna put it n my room. Hahah. I ain't a bitch ALL the time c(; hahaha. K, there ya goooo again. I can hear my dad yelling out 'bitsyyy' .. so i'm getting off to go eat dinnner! ciao.


3 day weeekend. yayy, ;] didn't do much today, but remsleeep. Lastnight was fun though =) Went to blake's pool for the first time, n talked so much stories with blake, nikki, johnathan (is that how you spell it?), n nolaaaay! Lol. I hit my toe though!! >;) n it still hurts right nowww. Lol. N after i showered n stuff, i accidently fell asleeeep n forgot to call vincent back. Aha, so if your reading this vincent.... SORRRRRY! my bad. Ahaaa. Kk, i'm lovvving the weather right now =] i'm gonna go... play w/my sister. ahah. Kbyee!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

moment of clarity.

Quick blogg cos i've gotta go study for my US History test tomorrow n start on my biology HW before i forget to color it! 1st was BORING as usual. 3rd, i practiced new chords n whatnottt, then rehearsed for the show thingy coming up. Ate lunch with earlyn n talked to xtinee, n jam. 5th was FUN! =) haha. Mossttly talked to oliver n lannnaaalane. Which reminds me, i gotta study for my stupid biology test too! Shit. Kkk! Then afterschool, i headed to my interview thingy for kuakini, n i'm working the activities n events schedule. Yipeee :] I can't wait. Haha. Finally! Making my time usefulll. Then after, headed to pick up brooke, n just read the vogue n elle magazines conniee gave to me todayy. K, n noww i'm home, OH! and i really wanna go that BODIES exhibition thingy majiggger. But it costs like 27 buckarooos. ); SOMEBODY TAKE ME!!!! PLZ. haha, (but you gottaa take geraldine to!!) hahaha. Ok ok!! i'llll cut it here. maybe i'll edit this later? ... hm.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

all work, no play.

Today wasn't as exciting, nothin' really new. Not to mention, it irritates the shit outta me, when people text you, saying HI n whatnot, n when you txt emm back, they don't say shit. Ok ok, i don't mind if it happens a couple of times, but when it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, just STFU n don't txt me!! UGH. Maybe i'm overrreacting or something, but CMON NOW? you take time outta your life to read their stupid txt, n you txxt em back n they don't say shit, n then complain bout not keeping in touch? OMG. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Lollll. ANYWAYS.... aha, I finished reading 'Harmless' though :p. Now all i need are 10 more AR points. Ahh fck, as much as i hate it, complaining isn't gonna make it go away! >;] But anyways, i needa work harder this qtr if i want that 4.0!! "Good things come to those who work hard. If you don't get it in the end..... then you aint working hard enough!" Yeknowww what that means. More of getting shit done, n less procrastinating! Kae, with that said.. i better go n study for my history test, & fill out the pile of apllications, waiting on my bed. Sayonaaara.

I love how people go out of their way to make such a POINT in my life.
I swear.

same shit, different day.

hiiiya :) lol. k, this is my 2nd post yet. Umm, idk, but today was a good day, a really good day! Despite the fact it didn't wanna stop raining all day long! Lol. I <3 the rain n' all, but to an extent okay? Lol. I don't even wanna talk bout geometry/1st period, cos it's always the same shit every day. 3rd was alright! I can actually say i can play jingle bells, joy to the world, & are you sleeping, on the UKE! :] yipee. Hahah. There's more to come though, haha. 5th was fun too. Paired up with Oliver & observed my DNA and stuff with the microscope. Lol. I was basically looking at my spit. Haha. Sickooo. OH! n today i went to ... "that place", n i was so fucking bummed out. -__- UGH!!! haw. KWTEVRR. Caught the bus home, practically a what? 2 hour long ride. Lol, n FYI - IDGAF if you seee me sleeping on the bus. Haha. You can't expect me to stay up for 2 damn hours waiting to get home. Lol. But yeep, headed to OLPH early, because i volunteered to go stencil the chairs, but come to find out, that was cancelled, and i got to catch up small kine w/noli n geee =] haha. Confirmation today was fun too!! Haw. head strong. faith strong. heart strong. 'Nufff said. KK!! But vincent just called, n i have to goo call his ass back up. KKKBYEEE!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


k, so sheri's been nagging me for the longest time ever bout getting myself a blogspot, sooo here it is. (HAPPY NOW!?) aha. jk ;] but neways, i still have my livejournall that i update with all my personall shit n i guess this blogspot can be for .... the nosey people who wanna know bout myy life! aha, JK. OH! n don't mind the layout... kinna emo huh? hahaha. I'll change it when i find somethin' cute! But for now... i'll leave it like that. lol. but kkkaeee, i'll udpate this shit later! ciao.

EDIT (4;20): K! So i changed my profile n' just put this piccture thingy i found of me n char of FSB! I loveddd my makeup that day! kkk but anyways....


i've beeen super good this year (haha, SO make like!) n' i waaaaaaaant:

- nano chromatic! (prefferably purple, orange, or yellllow)
- $$$$ ^__^
- THEHILLS Season 1 & Season 2 DVD's.
- gift cards (forever21, charlotte russse, etc.)
- new camera lenses
- a polaroid camera
- necklaces! from forever21.
- plain white vneckteee's. (OR COLORED ONES)
- more beads! );
- nailpolishhh.
- clothes.
- that whachumacalllit betsey johnson bag.
- A NEW BOYFRIEND ;D ... JK. hahah.

That ain't so MUCH to ask for right? Hahaha. I'll get back at thisss, i gotta go start on my book for AR. >:]