Thursday, December 4, 2008


Currently busy! - on my griiiiiind.
Currently reading; TWILIGHT =) haha.

Today was goood. Especially reconciliation w/geeee :p It's good to know your forgiven. But anyways, I AM SO STRESSSSSSED. I've got practically all A's on my progress report, but i know all of that can change in these 2 weeks left. It's 10:13, n i printed out 100+ papers for my english project rough draft, n finalll! Come to find out, I had no idea that "laserjet" printers, only printed in black and white. WHAT THE FUCK!?! n my dad expected me to know that!? OMGOSH. Ugh. Owells. IMPROVISEEEEEE i guess. Shit. Sigh*, i am soooo close. I can do this! But ciao for now! This hard work's gonna pay off later. PCE <3



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