Thursday, December 4, 2008

call from the past.

haaaaaay =) lol. I'll re cap on yesterdayy real quick! Lol. So yesterday was my first day of volunteeering, n i basically just answered calls and spoke on the intercom all day long, and talk to a shitload of people. Haha. I lovee it! It's so fun. haha. Ummm, yeh. Today was alright. I finally got all my signatures, 'cept biology. I ate lunch with esssthurr, n lana. We were supposed to go MS1, but ms. wasn't theree. Ergh. on 1 conferences tomorrow >;] But whatevvvvver. BTW! I got a call from the past today. YOUR ONLY CALLLLING ME COS YOU SEEEN ME RECENTLY. ok! you passed me up, so what fucking ever :] haha. n you just txxtd me, hahha, stupid. I KNOWW YOU TELL ME, THE SAME SHIT YOU TELL HER. FYI!!! haha. silllllly boys. haha. BYEE


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