Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad habits.

Sayonaraa bad habits. :]
My procrastinating is long gone, finallly! But with it gone, i have so much time on my hands with nothin to do. Lammmme.

Anyways, school was good today.
Photography - Worked on my sketchbook project & turned in my photos for the Canon contest. Oooh, Canon Rebel's up for grabs! =)
English - We don't ever do shit in this class. Basically just talked on the phone for a whille, n slept for the rest of the period.
Lunch - Pizzza for lunch! :D yummmy.
History - Aced my test, whoooopdeedoo! Ooh, n took an opihi quiz & got me some extra credit points. Yayyyyy. Listened to viv's interesting drama. Hahaa, fucken girlll.
Afterschool - Headed to my orthodontist appt! I can finally wear colored rubberbands, ^___^ n my teeth shifted faster than they thought, sooo i just might be able to get these grillz off early. crossessfingers* =)

Blahhhhhh. I'm still sick ); Mom cooked up some chicken noodle soup tho, so i'm gonna go eat. Ciaoooooooo bichez.


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