Thursday, February 26, 2009


1. People take it the wrong way when i try n tell them the truth .. like 100% of the time.
2. I hate people who can't take jokes.
3. I love school supplies, but hate school.
4. I put chapstick on like every 2 minutes.
5. Oh, n i say "like" alot. Sorrrrry.
6. I have veryyyy very different groups of friends.
7. And with that said, i pretty much get along with just bout anybody.
8. I like bein alone, n doin things on my own.
9. I ride TheBUS like every single day.
10. To be exact, I've caught the A, B, C, E, 42, 41, 44, 91, 201, 3, 13, 17, 16, 53, 2, 432, & the 434.
11. Beat that bitch! =) hahahah. JK.
11. And noooo i ain't scared riding the bus by myself, wtf.
12. Oh, and i collect bus transfers tooo. I have like.. $100 worth of transfers. x_x cos i don't like bus passesss.
13. I hate when people don't know the difference between "their" and "they're".
14. I always correct people when they spell something wrong.
15. I put my txts on silent, so don't take it personalll if i don't txt back.
16. NO i will not be your girlfriend if i haven't known you for a super long time!
17. That's just the wayy i ammm.
18. If you can make me laugh... then we're automatic bestfriends. haha.
19. I can't sit on chairs properly.
20. I'm in love with guy's backs. LIKE OMGAWDDD. TURN ON!!! ^__^ ;)
21. Its too hard to gain weight, so i stopped trying.
22. I prefer college ruled paper over wide ruled paper.
23. My nails are ALWAYS painted.
24. I don't ever have "ponytails's" on me cos i hardly ever put my hurrr up.
28. Ahh i <3333333 food! =)
29. Always relying on myself, cos if you want the job done right, you gotta do it yourself riiight?
30. When i'm committed, i'm committed.
31. I can 'sorta kinna' swim. Don't ask. Lol.
32. I like sitting in the middle.
33. You can call me spoiled, but i most defff ain't like those stuck up bitches on MTV.
34. Yes i volunteeer! n it's fun even when i ain't gettin $$$ for it.
35. I hate when people leave the light on & when they don't close the dooor.
36. I hate when people waste electricity period!
37. For the bajillionth time, I DO NOT STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR. So shutup!
38. I put lotion on before i go to sleep. Is that weird? x) NO RIGHT!
39. i <3 SIMS2, & ROCKBANDDD. I call drums!
40. I make a lotta noises wit my mouth... If ya know mee, you know what im talking bout. lol.
41. I get ready like... REALLY FAST. lol. I bet i get ready faster out of all the girls you've ever known. Wanna bet? :)
42. But, i hate waiting for people to get ready cos they take 4evvvr.
43. I hate waiting for people PERIOD! x_x
44. I like the news, n always knowin wth's goin on.
45. I hateeeee how fast time's flying! like DAMNNN, slow the fuck down.
46. I twitter alot! followmeeee.
47. Is it just meeeee or does 'bed' actually look like a fucken bed? it does right!
48. I don't like boyfriends/girlfriends that try to make each other, their complete lives.
49. Like helloooo, their supposed to better your life, not be your life! uh DUH.
50. Weeed's like my most fav. smell ever. Then comes fresh laundry etc. etc.
51. My conscience plays a real big role in all my decisions.
52. I sleeep for a really really long time...
53. I curse wayyy too much.
54. Sooo erking when people say "up to you!" .. even tho i say it!
55. Mochi icecream is like the best shit everrrrrrr.
56. I do not care what you think of meee :)
57. Still waiting for the perfect moment, damn.
58. Always go with your gut feeeling! Fckya.
59. WALMARTTTT! my fav place everrr, ooh n borders.
61. I know who i want, n what i want.
62. Dooo you?
64. You should know what 'i hate chuuu' really means. haha.
65. i <3 phonecallls!
66. old enough to know better, young enough to not give a fckkkk.
67. let the good times ROLLLL =)
68. i ♥ my itouch n berrrry n nikon.
69. my fav typa trees. yno the ones that change color n look suuuper bright! yea those.
70. i hope i find me a sponsor! ); damnnn


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