Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy holidays!

i seriously have been slaccckin' on this! haha. but anyways, it's christmas eve tomorrow (= and i'm excited. Well sort of! Yesterday was winterball and despite all the fucked up shit that happend that dayy, it turned out okish! haha. First off, rocky didn't have a tie, and it was MANDATORY for him to have a tie to get in! So basically.. me and lana, waited till rozner & rocky had a tie. N luckily, rozner jacked a tie for rocky. Then after, people were sitting on our table, n we basically had to stand up in the beginning cos we had nowhere to sit. >__< OMGAH. They even drank our water n stuff tooo! Lol. N after, lanaa had her 'monthly', n the machine basically ate my 25cents when i tried to get a tampon. Shit wtff! Haaha. But yea, they even played some shitty asss songs! Cmon, how the hell do you dance to 'hot n cold'? O_O SOMEONE LMK! AND!! They didn't even play ONE slow song. What's winterball without any slow dancing.... Geez. But yep! Whatever.

Today was good thouch =) I woke up at 3 and noli called to ask how winterball went! I <3 how he does the extra mile and calls me, instead of just asking me on myspace, ynoo what i mean? But yeaa, i watched Home Alone, all day longg, & went out with jeremy, zach, nolay, justin, and zach's fambamm. Zach's dad is sooo coool! Haha, he acts so young, like usss, & he treated us foood too :p Lol. He even asked me if i wanted him to hoook me up with his son. HAHAH. UH no thanks uncle. hahahaha. But yep! Christmas Eve tomorrrow =)


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