Saturday, November 22, 2008

itsy BITSY spider.

`Ola bloggggspot. Today was a chillly day! =) haha, n i had chili for lunch too. Lolll, what a corelllation. But yepp! i'm freeezing my butt off. Haha, but i love thee weather oh so much! :] This morning i had to wake up early to go to my orientation. Haww, i wish i had nicky during my shift. But it was practically a 3 hour orientation on all the procdeures in the hospital, and what our objectives are and stuff. I can't wait to staaart! Haha. On the plus side, the uniform's cute too. 8) Hahahah. After my orientation, i headed homme, n went grocery shopping with mommy, bryant n brooke at sams club. I was literrally hogging the rockband2!!! :DDDD haha. SORRY LITTLE KIDS >;] .. but you guys suck! hahahahah. JK. Then after, we went to waikellle for a lil shopping n mommmy bought us all shoes, n i got this cute coral top which i gotta figure out how the hell your supposed to put it on. >__^ i ♥ you mommmyyyy! aha. Ummm, n my dad's so irking, this whole day he's calling me BITCHY nsteada' BRANDY, and he's so filipinooo it sounds like he's saying BITSY insteadaa BITCHY. hhaha, cos he got meee this 'NOW ENTERING ... BITCH BOULEVARD' sign thingymajigger, that im gonna put it n my room. Hahah. I ain't a bitch ALL the time c(; hahaha. K, there ya goooo again. I can hear my dad yelling out 'bitsyyy' .. so i'm getting off to go eat dinnner! ciao.


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