Wednesday, November 19, 2008

moment of clarity.

Quick blogg cos i've gotta go study for my US History test tomorrow n start on my biology HW before i forget to color it! 1st was BORING as usual. 3rd, i practiced new chords n whatnottt, then rehearsed for the show thingy coming up. Ate lunch with earlyn n talked to xtinee, n jam. 5th was FUN! =) haha. Mossttly talked to oliver n lannnaaalane. Which reminds me, i gotta study for my stupid biology test too! Shit. Kkk! Then afterschool, i headed to my interview thingy for kuakini, n i'm working the activities n events schedule. Yipeee :] I can't wait. Haha. Finally! Making my time usefulll. Then after, headed to pick up brooke, n just read the vogue n elle magazines conniee gave to me todayy. K, n noww i'm home, OH! and i really wanna go that BODIES exhibition thingy majiggger. But it costs like 27 buckarooos. ); SOMEBODY TAKE ME!!!! PLZ. haha, (but you gottaa take geraldine to!!) hahaha. Ok ok!! i'llll cut it here. maybe i'll edit this later? ... hm.


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