Saturday, November 29, 2008

black friday.

I am finallly homme from shoppping =) I couldn't be more satisfied! I've bouggght all i wanted to buy (well most of it) & i got to seeee everybody i wanted to see. WINK* :] haha.. but anyways! Today was goood! Dadddy woke me up at 5 & we headed to Kmart go buy 4GB memory cards for 7bucks, but the line was too long. Sooo we bought 4, 4GB memory card's at sears instead for $30! Howw cheap. N afterwards i finallly went out w/the girllls, even though it was just jess n chan n megan. Loll. We were at in4mation, & we stayed in line for SO LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. omg. >;] SO CRAZY. But heyy! $50 for 7shirts n a hoodie = WORTH IT. ahaha. & then, dustin, rocky, jess, brooke, n i, headed to alas for s'more shopping =]. Then daddy camme, n he bought me a itouch, when i originally wanted the chromatic, but hellll, i'm gooood with that! :] LIFE'S GOOD. (=


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