Sunday, November 16, 2008


k, so sheri's been nagging me for the longest time ever bout getting myself a blogspot, sooo here it is. (HAPPY NOW!?) aha. jk ;] but neways, i still have my livejournall that i update with all my personall shit n i guess this blogspot can be for .... the nosey people who wanna know bout myy life! aha, JK. OH! n don't mind the layout... kinna emo huh? hahaha. I'll change it when i find somethin' cute! But for now... i'll leave it like that. lol. but kkkaeee, i'll udpate this shit later! ciao.

EDIT (4;20): K! So i changed my profile n' just put this piccture thingy i found of me n char of FSB! I loveddd my makeup that day! kkk but anyways....


i've beeen super good this year (haha, SO make like!) n' i waaaaaaaant:

- nano chromatic! (prefferably purple, orange, or yellllow)
- $$$$ ^__^
- THEHILLS Season 1 & Season 2 DVD's.
- gift cards (forever21, charlotte russse, etc.)
- new camera lenses
- a polaroid camera
- necklaces! from forever21.
- plain white vneckteee's. (OR COLORED ONES)
- more beads! );
- nailpolishhh.
- clothes.
- that whachumacalllit betsey johnson bag.
- A NEW BOYFRIEND ;D ... JK. hahah.

That ain't so MUCH to ask for right? Hahaha. I'll get back at thisss, i gotta go start on my book for AR. >:]


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