Tuesday, November 25, 2008

forget you - lax

FORGETTING YOU - i'm definitely incapable of doing that. sure, i can forget all the little minor details n shit, but when it comes down to it - your always gona be there;in the back of my head, or your name will pop up somewhere, I dont know? But what i do know, is that you'll never read this, n you'll never know what the fuckk you meant to me. YEH i tried ok? I tried forggeting. I tried to forget YOU, n all the shit that happend. But nothing's ever working for mee. I guess it's because it's easier building bridges, than breaking them.

On the otherhand, school was alright. I totallly forgot that my photography collage was due but i managed to glue everything on in this first half hour, n it came out pretty good =D 4th was boring. I still needa start my poetry album which i've been procrastinating on for soo long. Then after, i ate lunch with lana & esssther & talked to randy them. History was okk, and i'm doing pretty good in that class, i must sayy =] hahaha. Btwww, seriously!? What the fuck's up with the traffic in ewa beach. FACT: Honolulu, Hawaii is ranked 1st for having the worst traffic in the United STates. >;] Cmonnn', chop chop with the monorail PEOPLE!!!!!! >;D i hate staying in traffic.


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