Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgivingg =D

I think i litterally sent a 'happpy thanksgiving' txt, to everyyone on my contact list. Haha. But anyways, HAPPY THANKSGIVINGGG ^__^ i'm up earlly today, that's a first. Everyyone's coming over later on todayy, i'm so excit ed. I misss my cousins! Even though i see them like everyday. Aha. Reuunion? :] Kk! I'll update this laterr, but for nowww i'll just recap on what happend yesterday.

Sooo school was ok. It was juville's last day! ); She's transferrring to campbell now, n she's gonna be wit her boyyfriend jaren! Hahaa. Shit, i'm so jealous of her >;] But noww i have no one to call when idk wtf i'm doing for biology. Suuuugay. But other than that, it was the usual stuff. Afterschool, i got to myy grandma's house n my daddy picked me n brooke up. Then we headed to pearls, n i went to goo look for dressess for winterball &&& i seeen char! :DDD, i miss her. But yepp, headed to go pick up pumpkin pie n whatnot. Whenn we got homme, mom n i went grocery shopping .. again. Stocked up on a shitload of food. OMG. But yeh, on our way home, this car came outtaaa nowhere, n litterrally crashed into the car infront of us. =O saljfl ! & to think, that couldaaa been me n my mom. I am soooo damn thankful, that's forsure. I thought it was just the car infront of us that got fuckkd up, but nexxt thing you know, it's like.. 5 cars that got totalled. Errr, this gives me chicken skinn writing thiss! But yea, we stayed there, cos nobody kneww what the hell we're supposed to do. Umm, after that cleared up, we went to longgs for kalbi sauce cos everywhere ran outt. Then talkkked to roxx, n daanya's tryna hooook me up with that one longs guy.. i forgot his name though, but whatever. hahahaha. ;p Nn, i headed hommme, n cleaned the house alll night >:DDD haha.


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