Tuesday, November 18, 2008

all work, no play.

Today wasn't as exciting, nothin' really new. Not to mention, it irritates the shit outta me, when people text you, saying HI n whatnot, n when you txt emm back, they don't say shit. Ok ok, i don't mind if it happens a couple of times, but when it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, just STFU n don't txt me!! UGH. Maybe i'm overrreacting or something, but CMON NOW? you take time outta your life to read their stupid txt, n you txxt em back n they don't say shit, n then complain bout not keeping in touch? OMG. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Lollll. ANYWAYS.... aha, I finished reading 'Harmless' though :p. Now all i need are 10 more AR points. Ahh fck, as much as i hate it, complaining isn't gonna make it go away! >;] But anyways, i needa work harder this qtr if i want that 4.0!! "Good things come to those who work hard. If you don't get it in the end..... then you aint working hard enough!" Yeknowww what that means. More of getting shit done, n less procrastinating! Kae, with that said.. i better go n study for my history test, & fill out the pile of apllications, waiting on my bed. Sayonaaara.

I love how people go out of their way to make such a POINT in my life.
I swear.


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