Tuesday, November 18, 2008

same shit, different day.

hiiiya :) lol. k, this is my 2nd post yet. Umm, idk, but today was a good day, a really good day! Despite the fact it didn't wanna stop raining all day long! Lol. I <3 the rain n' all, but to an extent okay? Lol. I don't even wanna talk bout geometry/1st period, cos it's always the same shit every day. 3rd was alright! I can actually say i can play jingle bells, joy to the world, & are you sleeping, on the UKE! :] yipee. Hahah. There's more to come though, haha. 5th was fun too. Paired up with Oliver & observed my DNA and stuff with the microscope. Lol. I was basically looking at my spit. Haha. Sickooo. OH! n today i went to ... "that place", n i was so fucking bummed out. -__- UGH!!! haw. KWTEVRR. Caught the bus home, practically a what? 2 hour long ride. Lol, n FYI - IDGAF if you seee me sleeping on the bus. Haha. You can't expect me to stay up for 2 damn hours waiting to get home. Lol. But yeep, headed to OLPH early, because i volunteered to go stencil the chairs, but come to find out, that was cancelled, and i got to catch up small kine w/noli n geee =] haha. Confirmation today was fun too!! Haw. head strong. faith strong. heart strong. 'Nufff said. KK!! But vincent just called, n i have to goo call his ass back up. KKKBYEEE!


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