Sunday, November 30, 2008

blood is thicker than water.

ergh. so i'm on this, cos mypsace is soooo stupid, i can't even see my commments. anyways! today was yet, another, productive day of shopping =) but this time, with mi madre & brooke! loll. i swear, it's always "bonding" time with themm. but anywayyys, she bought me my l.v. bag i wanted, hahah, n a shitload of other stuff. hawww, my dad's telling me i gotta wrap my itouch, when i alreadyy put songs n shit on it!! >:] hahah, frick. weeeeeee, the weather's good. :] shoppping tomorrow again, ^___^ hahaha. christmas is gonna be goooood this year ;)


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