Friday, January 2, 2009


updated myy blogspot :) since it's a new year, might as well have a new layout ;] haha, tell me not? lol. but soo far, this year has been good. yesterday me n noli were at blake's house & we all took shots for the new year haha. It was practically noli's idea, n he was the one who took forever to take the shots! hahaha, especially blake. But i've basically been chillling with them this entire break, and it's always sober fun =) haha. & rocky called last night outta nowhere for a lil "vent sesh" haha. I miss everybody! ); I haven't seen them since last year, lol. Yayy, but i'm seeing cass n g later on today, i can't wait! haha. Btw, happy birthday allllen! Lol, again. But hmmmm, i'm gonna get off :] ciao!


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